Can mp3tag display the occupation of tag parts?


i was wondering if mp3tag can displaythe occupation of tags part.
for example, could it said that for mysong.mp3 :
-150kb for the art album cover
-25kb for the mp3tag v1
-45kb for the v2
-456kb for the synlyric tag
-4001kb for the extended metatag
-23% of the file size is not the music

can it do that ?

How could this information be helpful?

See the technical info variables of the export function, e.g.

Variable Description
%_tag_size% Size of all tags in bytes
%_tag_size_appended% Size of all appended tags in bytes
%_tag_size_prepended% Size of all prepended tags in bytes
%_cover_size% Size of first cover art in the tag of the file in bytes

and $len() for the size of individual text fields.
You would have to do the maths, though.

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