Can Mp3tag help find songs encoded at the wrong rate?

Hello, I am trying to find a way w/ Mp3tag or other program to allow me to find songs that I incorrectly encoded at bitrate 48khz 24bit vs my desired 44khz 16bit, as the former are somewhat larger.

I can use file manager in Win11 and add the bitrate field to details and sort by bit-rate but depending on the length of the original song I may miss some of the shorter ones just on bitrate alone.

Can Mp3tag expose any of those properties as sortable columns to help me find the wrong encoded songs? Thanks!

PS - This was an error in fre:ac audio converter program that didn't hold encoding settings for a few releases.

Sure, you can filter for either or both of these.
%_bitspersample% IS 24
%_samplerate% IS 48000
%_bitspersample% IS 24 AND %_samplerate% IS 48000

Thank you, it appears the bitspersample field is empty on my *.wma files. It's only supported on some audio formats per the docs. I should be able to glean what I want from samplerate though, cheers!

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