Can MP3tag load files that are in a folder pointed to by a shortcut?

I'm using the context menu to launch MP3tag to load files after selecting a folder. I have mp3s in multiple subfolders in multiple folders, and MP3tag loads them fine when I select the high level folder name if all the subfolders are real folders, but if one of the subfolders is actually a shortcut to a folder in a different high level folder, it doesn't load the files in the subfolder which is a shortcut. However, if I select the shortcut directly, MP3tag loads the files OK using the context menu. Is this how it is meant to work - not loading files in shortcuts? Thanks, Richard (I have an obvious workround which is to not use shortcuts.)

I don't know the reason.
Another workaround if you need these and use NTFS formatted drives is to use symlinks or junctions instead of windows-shortcuts.

I would think that MP3tag does not really play a too active role in this - it is the Windows explorer that is responsible to generate the file lists.
And the action for the explorer is: List all the files in the referenced folders.
It does not say "interpret all the files in the referenced folders" - which would be the case if you open the shortcut. Then the explorer opens the assigned application for the file type (the explorer in this case) and asks that application to do with that file whatever functions it has. The explorer then opens the linked folder which in return MP3tag can treat.
To go back to the oriignal observation: When various folders get opened with various filetypes in them, then only those files are loaded that MP3tag supports. Other files, like e.g. pictures, are not opened and also their assigned applications do not get launched.

I would say: yes, this is the way that the explorer works.