Can MP3tag recognise MP3 V0, MP3 V2, etc...?

Foobar seems to be able to tell what MP3's are V0, V2, etc, I was wondering is there a way for MP3tag to do this? Rather than just recognising an MP3 as VBR.

not sure, but you can add a custom column with this as value:

%_bitrate% kb/s $left(%_vbr%,1)

this will show the average bitrate and also put a C or V to the right to indicate VBR or CBR.

Yea, I have a column set like that. There must be a way to tell what VBR quality was used...

No, it's not possible in Mp3tag.

To the OP...Why do you really need this given that you already have the average bitrate and all the V0, V1, etc. tells you is what the target bit rate happened to be when encoded...

But does it? Some V0 encoded albums I have are well below the target and range of the V0 setting, for example.

I don't know much about all this stuff. And I just wished to be able to see the exact quality I ripped some this stuff at.

I posted asking for the same issue some time ago