Can mp3tag remove "Tag 2: ID3v2.4.0" tags

Forgive me I am not really familiar with the format of different types of tags. My question is, can mp3tag remove tags such as those in the attached image? I would like to do that in an automated way for hundreds of files. It was easy to do that and it was easy to do that for m4a "CUEPOINTS;MARKERS;MARKERSV2" tags. I was not able to find these tags in mp3tag.


You can open and select the same song in Mp3tag and press ALT + T (Menu: View -> Extended Tags).
Then you should see the tags containing "Serato Markers_" or "Serato Markers2" or "CuePoints".
Select it and press the red cross button:

If this works for you, you can repeat the steps for multiple selected tracks at once.

I can see those in Kid3, but can't see them in mp3tag. mp3tag does not show the the General Object Tag 2: ID3v2.3.0 tags. Also, it doesn't look like "Serato Markers2" is a key. However, kid3 doesn't make removing many at once as easy. And, it doesn't look like 'Serato Markers2" is a key like title is a key.

Example, mp3tag:

Example Kid3:

Could you please provide such a song, maybe with a download link by PM?

Here's a file:

I noticed that kid3 treats the "General Object" fields like an array when using their command line interface. They can be accessed like "General Object[0]" etc.

Kid3 interface example:


On the left side you see what Mp3tag can read. On the right side you see ALL tags included in your song.
It looks like there are some GEOB tags which are not supported by Mp3tag currently.

BUT you can remove ALL* GEOB tags according to:

For more details about GEOB you can read the official ID3 documentation:
Point 4.16 "General encapsulated object"

* In your initial post you asked to remove 3 of 5 of the GEOB tags. Unfortunately, you can only remove ALL GEOB tags. You cannot choose which one you want to keep.