Can not uninstal. Please Help

I have the single user version of Mp3Tag 2.94 on Windows 10. I am trying to uninstall but the program but it is not listed in the uninstall programs list or the registry, and there is no uninstaller in the program's folder. I have searched through several pages on Google and watched Youtube videos but they only say to find the program in your registry, which I can not. Please help.

Kind regards

Why would you want to uninstall such a great program ? :grin:

The program is listed under Settings - Apps:

I just looked in Settings-Apps. Its not listed there. I downloaded it from the Mp3Tag website, not the Windows app store.

Perhaps you installed as Portable ? ( default in C:\Users\yourname\Mp3tag\ )
Then simply delete the folder you installed the program in. That's all.

I did instal it as portable. I chose portable because it seemed recommended if there is only one user on your computer. I'm not tech savy and did not fully understand what that meant. I read about portable installations after seeing your reply, and that explained it. Thank you for your help!

Thank you. My pleasure.