Can not write and tags missing on AIFF that are visible elsewhere

Hello, nice looking peice of software, however, I have the problem that it completely doesnt work.

Im on MacOS 11.2.3 Big Sur.

Attempting to write any tag info fails under all circumstances. - reporting the following error:

Cannot write tags to file "Fleck ESC - Shaping Grey - 03 Shaping Grey.aiff" in folder "Fleck ESC - Shaping Grey"

All of my music is in AIFF format, on an external SSD drive formatted as ExFat. Permissions seem to be in order, at least from the limited information I can glean under the 'get info' tab within macOS.

Even wierder - about 30% of my music shows no tags at all within MP3Tag. Opening the same file within, Fission - and Im seeing all the missing tag info (Fission is not a library, so its grabbing that info directly from the file)

Any idea whays going on here and/or a solution? Thank you I hope to actually be able to use this sofrware considering I did pay for it allready. :slight_smile:

Update - MP3s seem to be behaving normally and are saveable. I was under the impression that AIFF files were supported. Is this not the case? since my collection is all aiff, would be a very unfortunate dealbreaker! Hope someone can lend some insights..

I'm bringing our private conversation back to this OT.

Many thanks for the two example AIFF files. I've analyzed them and they both contained RIFF chunks with extra bytes that exceeded the reported size from the RIFF header. Phrasing this more clearly, the files had internal inconsistencies and Mp3tag refused to write to them. This is a safety measure I'm taking with Mp3tag.

I've experimented a little and noticed a way to relax Mp3tag's consistency checks without harming the audio content. I'll introduce this with the next version of Mp3tag — let me know if you're interested in a beta version to test this new behavior.


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Hey Florian, yes I am interested in the beta and happy that my quandry helped inprove the software, and that Ill actually get to use it for the most part!

p.s. sensational app on the files its worked on - really great and so, so very much faster than any other software that writes tags to audio files. Thank you for taking the time and effort to address my specific issue, really appreciate it!


It's now officially available with Mp3tag for Mac v1.3. This is the relevant line from the changelog:

WAV and AIFF files with extra null bytes at end of RIFF chunks are now read despite these inconsistencies.

Hope it resolves the issues for all your affected files.