Can playback of music files be turned off?


Is there a way to disable the double-click action of launching music files? This is something of an annoyance when I'm trying to edit Title tags in the column display and mistakenly double-click the file.

In the column display the only thing I ever edit is the Title of individual tracks. All of the other tags are edited either through the Tag Panel or the Tags dialog, since most other tags (except Track) for an album are usually applied to all tracks. When I try to get "into" a title to edit it, I often double-click the file and launch it in my music player, since it requires you to first select the line, and then to click in the column. It's just too easy double-click by mistake.

Also, I naturally use the F2 key when I want change a Title tag. But F2 (maybe correctly) always puts you in edit mode in the Filename column instead. Like most people, I build the filename from the tag values, not the other way around. So my natural way of changing Title and filename is to first change the title to it's desired string, then later run an Action to rename the file. If there were an option to change the F2 behavior to edit the Title instead of Filename it would be greatly appreciated.


For your first question:
Go to options > tools and change the default tool to "no action"


Ahhhh. That's beautiful. Thank you. I poked around the options, but didn't stumble across this one. :smiley: