Can someone help me remove this string

I am re-tagging about 500 live shows and have to import the track names from text files.

The problem is most titles don't simply have a number like 01 - Song Name, instead they have the disc number and track number listed as:

d1t01 - Song Name
d2t02 - Song Name

and so on.

Can some one help me write a string to remove the d1t01 - information? I have been messing with it all night, but I do not understand the programing language.




I hope, I have understand, what you meant.
If you want to keep the track and discnumber you can take this string:
d%discnumber%t%track% - %title%

Otherwise you can take thist string:
%dummy% - %title%


What I want to do is:

Instead of having my titles read:

d1t01 - Might As Well
d1t02 - Ramble On Rose
d1t03 - Cumberland Blues
d2t01 - Morning Due
d3t06 - Looks Like Rain

I want to run an action on all of them at once that changes them to:

Might As Well
Ramble On Rose
Cumberland Blues
Morning Due
Looks Like Rain

Just like when you remove a number and a dash such as "01 - Song Title" and change it to "Song Title" by running the action : ^\s*\d+\s*-\s*

I just cannot figure out what to add to that string to get rid of the letters D & T in my titles along with the numbers and the hyphen.

Does that make sense?


For the record I tried gnor's suggestion and they did not work either.

Thanks though.


For the records ...
... I've tried both of gnor's suggestions and they work for me on your example strings.

So do you be able to describe what action or processing did you have tried?


I tried :

%dummy% - %title%

And it did not remove the d1t01 - part of the file name...Unless I did not put it i the right place.

I am sorry for being such a newb here, but I do not understand any of this code, even after looking through this site and the wikipida page on this programming language.

I need some one to be specific as possible. Sorry

Ok, let's try step by step.

Step 1. Claryfying the situation.
How do you "import the track names from text files"?


I select all the songs I want to add track titles to and I use the text import feature, and then simply import my track titles.

The track titles in the text file read as I mentioned above: "d1t01 - Song Name" and so on. So this then becomes my track titles for my selected tracks in mp3tag.

All this works great, I am just trying to find if there is a way in mp3tag to remove the disc / track headers in the program, before that I used to take them out 1 by 1 in the text file and that is taking way too long.

Now the situation is: TITLE tag field is set to a string like "d1t01 - Song Name".

So the TITLE tag field contains three informations:

  • the disc number
  • the track number
  • the title string

For my part I would not like to loose the additional numerical informations, therefore I would do ...

Step 2. Split string from TITLE tag field into three parts and fill tag fields TITLE, TRACK, DISCNUMBER with appropriately content.

Create an action group
Begin Actionsgroup Split_TITLE
Action #1
Actiontype 7: Import tag fields (guess values)
Source format: %TITLE%
Guessing pattern: d%DISCNUMBER%t%TRACK%÷-÷%TITLE%
Note: Replace each special ÷ character with one space character.
End Actionsgroup Split_TITLE (1 Action)

Run this action against the related tracks.
Afterwards the original problem should be solved.

If you make the guessing tag field splitting part of the import process, then you do not need to do a second step via action as described before.
Using "Converter textfile - tag fields" you can set the format string right away as you need it.
The format string "d%DISCNUMBER%t%TRACK% - %TITLE%" (without the quote characters) will split the string line from the textfile into three tagfields.
If you do not need track and discnumber you can code the format string "%DUMMY% - %TITLE%" and it will set only the tag field TITLE.


Hey this worked when importing from my original text file.

I get it now...I was trying to use the %Dummy%...string as an action group, not during the import.

Thats my problem...I am not sure where and when to type what.