Can still see comments in Windows Explorer after deleting them in MP3Tag

Newbie question, and I did search Forum and FAQ, so sorry if this has been answered already...

I batch deleted all comments using MP3Tag, but some comments still show up in Windows Explorer. I am new to this, but I am guessing that I have deleted one version of tag, but not all. How do I ensure that I can delete all versions of tags?

Second question - does it make sense to delete all ID3V1 tags for example, and only use ID3V2 tags, and if so, how do I do that?

Thanks for the help and the patience.

See Tools>Options>Tags>Mpeg
to set which tag(version)s you want to treat in which way.

The preferred settings would be that you read and delete all tags but write only ID3 tags (no APE).

If you get strange results like programs show data that MP3tag does not, play around with the settings for reading APE to see, if the APE tags are out of sync with the ID3 tags. APE is superior to ID3 in MP3tag.

To clear up tags, cut and delete the tags with the functions from the files list context menu.
Or sometimes it is enough to save them again...

On the topic of deleting V1 tags: Any kind of tagging aims at a certain set of players. You have to tag in such a way that your players can deal with it.
So, if you players can cope with V2.3 tags - fine, leave out everything else.
Still, for some players, the V1 tags are necessary as they treat the V2 tags as audio data and you would loose the basic tag information.
So: I would leave them.

Thanks for the reply. Turns out that the comments I could still see in Explorer were hidden in Extended Tags such as ID3V1 Comments, Year, Comments_Itunes_xxx, etc.. I batch edited them to < blank > and it seems to have solved the problem.

Once again thanks for your help

This still does not make sense in all respects:
If you edit files with MP3tag and have the settings that V2 and V1 are written, then V2 overwrites V1. So if that comment is empty in V2, it will also be empty in V1.
Again, it would be interesting to find out which programs let the tags get so out of sync.

I learned that apparently the explorer treats any comment field as comment. Thank you for that.

Mp3tag can work with the tag-types ID3v1, ID3v2, APE in a special but not independent manner.
Please have a look into Mp3tag settings ... "Mp3tag/Tools/Options/Tags/Mpeg".
There are three sections "Read", "Write", "Remove".
Within each section each tag-type can be treated for itself.

Depending on the settings, that means desired by the user, each tag-type can be treated differently.
So it may happen, that the tag ID3v1 and the tag ID3v2 got stored different data.
Or otherwise the tag ID3v1 and the tag ID3v2 may contain the same data in the tag-fields under the same tag-field names, which both tag-types can share, because ID3v1 is a subset of ID3v2.

Within Mp3tag the tag-type APE dominates the ID3 tag-types, other applications behave in other ways.
Once the APE tag-type has been set to be read, Mp3tag does not show values from the ID3 tag-types.

If you want to remove the tag-types ID3v1 or ID3v2 or APE, then activate the fitting checkboxes within the section "Remove".
Leave the dialog with "OK".
Select the tracks.
Apply the Mp3tag menu option "File/Remove tag" or press [Ctrl+R] and the tag-types will be removed at once.

If you need to "undo" the last step of removing tag-types, then keep in mind, that only the tag-data will be restored, which have been set in the checkboxes in the section "Write" within the Mpeg settings dialog.


Thanks DetlevD. That explanation was very helpful.

I am early in the learning curve with how this program works, and continue to be amazed at what a great tool it is. Thanks to all who develop and support MP3Tag (and to the great forum contributors).