can Tag rename folder with actions


hi every one

First of all I have to say big thanks to the owner of this program , it is fantastic.
New buy question

I like my folder to look like “Artistic – Album Year“
Is it possible from the TAG to rename my folder to look like above?
if we canot get info from the TAG is it possible throw Actions?

Thanks Panos


You can use replace in actions.

Make new action in Options/Actions
Select action type: Format value

In Field type: _DIRECTORY
Format string: %artist% - %album% %year%


Please note that this will only rename the directory of the file. If you want to create completely new directory structures you can use the converter :mt_ttf: Tag - Filename with a format string like

%artist% - %album% %year%\\%_filename%


Thanks, I will use it too.


You can also use fixed paths like

C:\Music\\%artist% - %album% %year%\\%_filename%



Building on the above: Is there a chance to use the same mechanism to COPY files and their directory structure to another location, rather than MOVE? I would want to backup my iTunes folder in an orderly fashion (i.e. organised by genre, etc.).

Currently I copy the iTunes folder to a new location and from there, use the above mechanism of tag-rename, but it would be nicer to do this directly via a copy to another location options.

Is this possible and I have overlooked it? Thanks for your response


No, this is not possible at the moment.

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Regarding renaming of folders

I tried to set up a Folder column in file list to do in place editing of the folder name but it doesn't seem to work like the other fields do. Should this be possible or can a folder only be renamed by an action?