Can the comment box be made larger?


You have a great product. I collect old time radio shows and use the comments to enter the show plot, actors, etc. Here is a typical entry I usually copy and paste from MS Word:

The Mysterious Traveler. Sustaining. Archaeologist Professor Stevens invites a colleague to assist in the field. The site is the Vermilion Hills along the Colorado River. Noticing an odd rock fall, they dynamite and discover an opening to a vast cave. There they make a remarkable discovery – a wagon train from 1849. More remarkable they come to realize descendants of the pioneers are alive. Robert A. Arthur (writer, producer, director), David Kogan (writer, producer, director), Maurice Tarplin (host), Lyle Sudrow, Robert Donnelly. ©G. Brebner.

See Tools>Options>Tag Panel and the field definition where you can set the Comment field to multi-line as well as other sizes.

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