Can we have an option to make the Change Directory - Browse For Folder window be permanently displayed?

It just seems intuitive to have this window permanently displayed instead of having to go to File > Change Directory and do this every single time we start the program.

Can we have an option to keep it open permanently somehow?

Hmm... Actually, I do not miss that option. For the following reasons:
In the options I have defined a standard folder for opening where my most of my recent files are stored before the march into the real library. That is when I use MP3Tag most as these files usually lack the correct tags. So I do not have to browse the directories after I have opened MP3tag.

Secondly, If I have new tracks stored somewhere else I usually have found them in the explorer. I appreciate very much the possibility to copy the path from the explorer's address bar and paste it into MP3tag. I prefer this way as I do not have to navigate to the same directory twice: once in the explorer (where I have already found the files) and a second time in MP3tag.
So by altering you "operation mode" you might find that you also do not miss the option that you look for. Or like president Kennedy said (edited): Do ask what the programmer can do for you but ask what you can do for the programmer.

You make a very good point. I stand corrected, and will shift to pasting the Path.

Especially since I do it with every other program, I do have a right click copy path [] add on which I use all the time. Thanks.