Can we use two functions at a time ??

Hi everyone,

As I have some Preview/Sample mp3 files in my collection and have added (= Preview) in all the file's title which have %_length_seconds% less than 30 seconds.
when I downloaded some files full version I just copied the tags from the preview files to new files so got the (= Preview) tag added to both the files either it is Full version song or preview.

Now my question is to remove the (= Preview) tag from the Full version songs using action, I was trying to use this syntax but didn't get working,
please anyone correct this

if the %_length_seconds% is greater than 30, replace = Preview from the title tag otherwise left it as it is.

$ifgreater(%_length_seconds%,30, $replace(%title%, = Preview,),%title%)

Hope someone help.


Please have a look on my previous question also, you may help me out:

Because your description is not so clear about which string is actually embedded in the TITLE tag, here is a proposal, which is able to remove different text strings within one $replace function ...

$ifgreater(%_length_seconds%,30,$replace(%TITLE%,' = Preview',,'= Preview',,' (= Preview)',,'(= Preview)',),%TITLE%)


sorry for the bad description, just wanted to remove = Preview from the title.
got the perfect syntax.

thanks a lot....