Can you add a conditional 'alert' action?

I have some action lists which contain a series of individual action definitions. Typically these contain several sections each of which starts with something like:

Format value: Title

           with:  T=%track% %title%

which inserts "T=nn " in front of whatever was already in the title field. I then follow that with a series of replace-with-regex functions, which look for expected values of "T=nn " and replace them with some other information.

After that series of replace-with-regex have executed, I might be left with a Title value which still starts "T=" ie of none of the expected T=nn values have been found.

I'd like to be able to define an action which will conditionally generate an alert message. It could perhaps take the form of

Action type: alert if regex matches

      regex: <a pattern which would need to be matched>
        alert: <alert text to display if pattern was matched>
     thisfile: yes/no
    nextfile: yes/no

I'd like 'thisfile' to determine whether the following actions, if any, in the actions-list should be executed for the file for which this alert was displayed after the user dismisses the alert.

I'd like 'nextfile' to determine whether, if a series of files were being actioned, processing should go on to consider the next selected file or not, after the user dismisses the alert.