Can you copy 1 tag to 2 additional tags

I've tried but have been unsuccessful in finding a way to do this. I want to copy my Artist tags to the AlbumArtist and ArtistSort tags for numerous folders at a time. If I were to do it right now, the way I would do it is import folder by folder, select all the songs and manually paste the artist into AlbumArtist and ArtistSort via extended tags. What would be a million times faster is if I could add all the folders to mp3tag, select every song and do a command that copies the Artist tag into the AlbumArtist and ArtistsSort tag for every song at once. Is this possible?

you can do this via an Action (Example ALBUMARTIST)

Action: Format Value
Format string: %artist%

As always try it first on some test files

In Mp3tag you do something like this with 'Actions'. I'd start by reading the Help on Actions.

You could use 'Quick' Actions, which are actions that are created for one-time use and not saved. Or you could create a saved action (actually, 'Action Group', since they can consiste of more than one action. Once saved, they can easily be executed repeated.

The type of action that you'll need is the simplest of all. To do what you want will require an action group containing two 'Format value' actions. I would save it for future use.

  1. Press the 'Actions' button (the button labeled 'Aa').
  2. In the Action Groups dialog press the 'New' button to create a new group.
  3. Give the group a name.
  4. In the Actions dialog press the 'New' button.
  5. Select an action type of 'Format value'.
  6. Set the field to 'ALBUMARTIST' (without quotes).
  7. Set the format string to '%artist%' (without quotes).
  8. Repeat the last four steps to add another action to the group which copies ARTIST to ARTISTSORT.

You apply this action group by selecting the files to be modified, clicking the Aa button, making sure the action group has a checkmark beside it, then pressing 'OK'. If you have more than one action group defined you can apply more than one at a time and pick and choose which to apply by using the checkboxes. Note that as you define more action groups, the order in which they're applied may become significant, so keep that in mind and move them up or down the list as needed.

First, you need to open all the folders you'll be working with. (If they're all the album folders for one artist, you can just select that artist folder, and all the subfolders will be opened into mp3tag at once. It's faster than adding them one at a time.)

No need to manually copy & paste like that. The Format value action can efficiently copy any tag to another field for any number of files at once, and making an action group that applies the action to both ALBUMARTIST and ARTISTSORT will make it a one-click operation.

First, here's how to copy the ARTIST tag over to ALBUMARTIST:

Select all the files for which you want to perform the copy
Action: Format value
Format string: %artist%

And you'd use the same action to copy ARTIST over to ARTISTSORT.....just use ARTISTSORT as the Field instead of ALBUMARTIST.

To make this a single operation, create an action group and simply put both of the above operations in the action group.

You're speedy, JJ Johnson!! You beat me to it! :smiley:

Thanks everyone, worked great. I skimmed the actions help page but I guess I should know by now you never figure anything out skimming.