Can You Create A Genre Import Only Script For Discogs For Me?

I've Been Trying To Create A Genre Only Script For Discogs But I Really Have No Idea What I'm Doing. I've Tried Searching Here To Find A Script That Does What I'm Looking For And The Only Article I Found Is This One From 2007 .... Genre Import Only

Its Not Working Probably Because Everything In The Script Is Outdated. I Tried Updating It But Like I Said I Really Don't Know What I'm Doing So That Didn't Work.

What I'm Looking For Is To Import The Genre Only For Multiple Tracks That Have Multiple Different Genres. I Want It To Search By The Artist Only, And For It To Select Whatever The 1st Album Is In The Search (Mainly Because Most Artist Do Songs In The Same Genre). I Want I To Be Able To Overwrite Whatever Is Currently In The Genre Field. It Also Doesn't Have To Be Discogs, It Can Be Itunes Or Even Spotify. Whatever Is Easiest.

I'm Doing This Because I Have A Few Hundred Thousand Songs In My Serato That Say "Other" For The Genre And I Gotta Clean It Up. Please Help! Thanks

Perhaps you have more luck with this:

It has a genre only script.

Thanks But Won't Work Because They Classify Some Hip-Hop Songs As Trap. That Won't Work With My Current Classifications Because I Need Hip-Hop Songs To Say Hip Hop Or Rap.

Wouldn't it be easy in an action to replace Trap with Hip Hop or rap?
TBH: the response to requests like "could someone write me a web source script?" is usually nil.
See e.g. this collection:

Perhaps you are lucky that someone has mercy this time - if in the end you have no customized script, then you still have to find another way... like an existing script plus customizing actions.

First you have to find a Websource Script which delivers the Genre as you need it (together with many more tags you don't want). Then you have 2 ways to achieve what you request:
a) You can modify a copy of your script by yourself. Just omitting unwanted tags is easy and only need some set commands at the end of the script
b) as @ohrenkino already wrote: You can use the existing script and then delete unwanted tags or modify exisiting tag content with Mp3tag actions.

Just as a side note:

Found online:

To be clear, rap is the delivery used in hip-hop music and trap is a sub-genre of hip-hop music. Therefore, out of the two, only trap is a genre. Trap derives from hip-hop, an urban-based genre from New York City.

For My Setup, All Of My Music Classified As Trap Is EDM Trap Music. Your Solution To Convert Them All Back To Hip-Hop Might Work In Small Batches, But I Have A Few Hundred Thousand Files I Need To Correct The Genre On. If I Ran The Script I Would Have Hip Hop Songs Labelled Trap And EDM Songs Also Labelled As Trap. I Need These 2 Groups To Stay Seperated Because I'm Moving All My EDM Music To A Seperate Drive. Currently Right Now I Have Hip-Hop Songs With The Genre As "Other" And Also Some EDM Trap Songs Labelled As "Other" And Theres No Real Way To Seperate The 2 Out So You See My Dilemma.

I'm At A Point Where Im Willing To Pay For This So Hopefully Thats An Incentive To Get Someone With The Skills I Need.

I am not sure what you expect from a web source script.
I think that the biggest chunk of files that can be processed in 1 go is an album.
There is no function available for which you select let's say 10 artists and the web source script then retrieves a genre for each artist.
If you really have such huge amounts of files without the genre that you consider to be the proper one, I fear that this will take a lot of time if it boils down to treat each title indvidually.

Oh Boy :disappointed_relieved: Well The Search Continues......

Is There Someplace I Could Learn To Write The Scrips On My Own? I've Searched Youtube For Videos On Writing MP3tag Scripts With No Luck. I've Even Tried To See If There Is A Masterclass Or Something On It....

This will be no easy task for a library of songs this big with no defined genre already.

Wouldn't this be better than "Other" looks right now?

Other than the existing options that were provided, I'm not sure there are many other "easy" ways to do this. Again if the effort is to eliminate the genre of "Other" and place something of value, I would at least use one of the methods above.

I'm Trying To Test It Out Right Now To See If There's A Way I Could Work Around It. The Issue I'm Running Into With The Beatport Script Is That It Doesn't "Artist Search" By Itself For Its "Genre Only" Tag Searches. So I'm Trying To Tweak It To See If I Can Get It To Search Only By Artist And Import Only The Genre For Each Track. Wish Me Luck