Can you pause Save Changes until you are ready?

I am editing a lot of files on my NAS and it is time consuming to update a title and wait for the change to save then the next and so on. Is there a way to essentially pause any saves until i'm ready. I could go through and make all my changes, then when i'm ready push the changes to the files. Then I could work on other things, or even walk away from my computer while the changes are saved.

I don't know your workflow.
But changes that you make in the tag panel have to be saved explicitly.
Also, changes you commit in the extended tags dialogue.

With your NAS being so slow, it might be a better Idea to copy all the files to your local drive, set all the data and then copy the files back again.

I understand the tag has to be saved, but why do they have to be saved instantly? I can make changes to other tags on the same file and it doesn't save instantly. So some delay must be OK. Maybe its a memory issue for Mp3tag or something, idk. I've used another program called Tag Editor that looks similar to Mp3Tag but you can edit all the info in the application then when your ready, you hit save and it saves the changes.

I originally did copy all 1500 books to my local, but that took forever to do too. I thought I was finished but after copying back over found some more things I wanted to change. I even tried connecting to my Synology NAS directly over ethernet but it didn't seem to speed up rsync very much.

Again: if you edit a single file or a set of files with the tag panel or the extended tags dialogue, then the changes are only saved in the file, when you press Ctrl-S in the tag panel or hit OK in the extended tags dialogue.
Only, if you edit tag fields in the file list, the changes are committed immediately.

Oh. OK. Not sure why you say "again". You said it had to be saved explicitly, not manually. Thanks.