Can you set an album as Explicit?

I know that you can do that to a specific song but is there a way to tag the album as Explicit as well? Thanks

you could do it by using a custom genre

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Here is more about that field:
Any field works track by track - there are no albums in MP3tag.


Yeah i know about ITUNESADVISORY, i was just wandering if there was a way to put the whole album with the Explicit logo as well, hope they can add that feature to MP3TAG, thanks for the reply tho

Isn't it a problem of the player how if at all it shows the field ITUNESADVISORY?
Where do you see the entity of an "album"?
So where should an "album" tag be stored?

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I don't really know much about all of this, it's just that when you add the ITUNESADVISORY to a song and then add it to an iPhone and enter the Apple Music the album doesn't have the explic logo but the song does

Again: isn't this a problem of the player that groups files together?
Does the player have a chance to see that this is actually an album? Are all the fields filled that make up the album?