Cannot add MUSICIANCREDITS field to Tag Panel

When looking for fields to add to the Tag Panel, I decided to add the fields INVOLVEDPEOPLE and MUSICIANCREDITS. Much of my music has Arrangers, Pianists and other Soloists (as separate from the main Artist, which often is an Orchestra), etc.

Well, the INVOLVEDPEOPLE field is present, but not MUSICIANCREDITS. That's a minor point for now, since I suppose I can throw my performer and writer credits into one field. But I had hoped to separate the two.

To reproduce this bug:

  1. Open MP3Tag.
  2. Right-click on the Tag Panel.
  3. Select "Customize..."
  4. In the pop-up panel that appears, click the Add Field button.
  5. In the next field, search for MUSICIANCREDITS in the drop-down list of available fields to add.

Prediction: you will not find it there. You will find INVOLVEDPEOPLE but not MUSICIANCREDITS.

Thanks for pointing, though you can simply enter the field MUSICIANCREDITS by yourself (the list is editable) and it'll then be available the next time you want to access the field.