Cannot be opened on Mac

Hi all,

I am brand new to mp3tag. Installed on Mac using inbuilt Wine shell. Instantly ran into the 'file cannot be opened' problem when I try to save a change to a music file's tags. Looked up the problem and see it is widespread and common. Also see that the solutions seem to be Windows-specific and not applicable to a Mac environment.

I am trying to edit files on a NAS by the way.

Thought I would give a bit of feedback to the mp3tag owner that this sort of issue makes a program seem 'buggy'. I am trying to do the #1 most basic task. If I have to wrestle and research to get this to work, my enthusiasm drains and I am not keen to use your app.

But if there is a simple solution :w00t: then let me know (and maybe explain why I have to do it instead of having the program work more smoothly).

Otherwise, sadly, I will move on as life is short. :sunglasses:

A Mac is not the specified environment for Mp3tag. The inaccessibility is not wide-spread on Windows machines but boils down to some minor adjustments in workflow and settings, usually coming from a migration process.
So if you have issues in an unspecified environment, it is up to you to see where these specific problems come from. You have a nice choice of possible causes, e.g. access rights, blocking programs, incompatible filename syntax.
As apparently mp3tag can read the files, it shows that mp3tag is working as it should.
That mp3tag cannot write the files is a reaction to messages from your local OS and installation. So you have to check the accessibility on your system. Mp3tag does not mess with access admissions. That would be a bug.