Cannot change album art



When I try to add an album art to an album and right click the square on the left hand side, I can navigate down to where the jpg-file is, and the picture is also displayed correctly in the square. BUT when I press the "floppy disc" icon to save the picture I get an error message saying that the file could not be changed! See attached screen dump.

I have also tried to do this from within iTunes 8, but the same thing happens (only that there is no notification of an error, the picture does not show up).

Any ideas?

I am running Vista Business 32 bit


Do you have an antivirus application running that might prevent writing access to this file?

Do you have permission to modify the file and to create new files in this directory (needed for temporary files during tagging)?


Thanks Justin,

I found out that when I run Vista in safe mode, I had no problem writing to those files and thus adding album art. So even if I run Vista as an administrator, it seems that it is looking SOME of the files!!! This is really a bug which hopefully will be addressed in a coming update from Microsoft!