Cannot change filenames with Replace

New to mp3tag. Really enjoying it, except one thing. v2.97. Windows 10.

I want to change one or two words of text within multiple Filenames (not the whole Filename of course). Unfortunately, I can't get Replace to work with Filenames. When I make a similar change in the Title field or Composer field using Replace, it does work. But not in the Filename field.

Using F2 with individual Filenames does allow me to change one name at a time. But I can do that in Explorer.


Which function did you use to manipulate the filename?

Actions > Actions (Quick) > Replace

and what did you enter as field, search string and what as replace string?

Search: 12 dances Replace: Twelve dances


Search: 12 Replace: Twelve

It's not the fact that numerals are included. It doesn't work for a nonnumerical search/replace either.

With or without quote marks doesn't make a difference. (Presumably you would never need quote marks.)

The same search/replace does work in the Title field, just not the Filename field.

Also, it would still be interesting to see which field name you used.
The correct fieldname for filename is _FILENAME.

Duh! Thank you. That was it. Sorry for the piecemeal answers.

When you type "f" in the Field box, "FILENAME" comes up, so that's what I was using.

Much appreciated.

it could be that this fieldname got there by accident.
You can delete the false or unwanted entries with the functions in the right-arrow-button next to the entry field.
Perhaps you reset the list so that the confusing name gets removed.