Cannot connect to any tag sources

mp3tag used to be able to easily find tags for my mp3 files. lately though, none of the tag sources (Freedb,,, discogs, MusicBrainz) are able to connect. I am on v3.01.

Could you try Help>Check for updates
and see if you get a message box?
If there is none, then MP3tag is blocked in your local network for the internet.

I get the following message:
You are using the latest version. Mp3tag v3.01.
An update is not available.

Then it should be possible to use the web source scripts.
Whether you get a hit is then a completely different question.
You could also check your system clock and see if it shows a reasonable time.

My system clock is good. What do you mean by "web source scripts?" I've never had to worry about anything like that before.

Given the fact that your list of Tag Sources (they're also sometimes called web source scripts) includes Amazon, I assume that you're using those from a backup. Amazon is not supported anymore.

If that's the case, please copy MusicBrainz.src and the various Discogs files from your Mp3tag installation directory to the Mp3tag configuration directory. It's usually at %APPDATA%\Mp3tag\data\sources.

If that all is too much manual work and you don't care about your settings, please uninstall (including configuration) and reinstall. It should install all latest Tag Sources.

Also, FYI: freedb stopped offering their services end of March.

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Yay! Thanks for your help!!! Old School emoji: :slight_smile:

Determine from Audio-CD and Selected Files still works for me.

I can find the .src files in Mp3tag>data>sources. But I don't understand where to paste them. Can you explain a little more?

You don't have to paste them, you just access them in then menu Tag-Sources.

When I click on Tag Sources, I see a lot of grey shaded tag sorces, all of them except one (Cover art) grey shaded. When I click on one of the grey shade ones, nothing happens. So what to do?

... that is the anchor for a submenu...
You have to select at least one file in the files list.