Cannot Connect To Web Sources

Hi! I've tried for a while to find a solution to this, but no luck.

Basically I can't connect to any web source (those built-in, and extras) -- they all fail to connect to the relevant server. I've tried disabling the Windows Firewall in case it was blocking it without telling me, but nope -- and I've extended the timeout with no luck.

I don't know if this is a Windows 7 issue (I'm using the x64 version) or whether or not there's something I've overlooked?

Any help would be appreicated :slight_smile:

I don't have Windows 7 64bit here to test this (it works under Windows 7 x86). Can somebody with Windows 7 64bit please test this and talk back here?

Btw, can you please try whether the check for new version from the help menu works for you?

Kind regards,

Just tried it -- the program froze for around thirty seconds, then came 'back to life' without a sound or alert that correct if the version is up to date? Or is the program having some problem with outbound/inbound internet traffic in my case?

Also, just to note, the installation of MP3Tag took quite a while to get past the initial file transfer step (which I think is creating the program directory).

Normally, a message box should appear at this step.

Are you using a proxy server or some special networking hardware?

Nope -- no proxy, and I've got a bog-standard wireless connection provided by my ISP (VirginMedia).

I normally have no problems when it comes to internet access in Win7, but, just to try it, I tried another MP3 tagging program -- and that couldn't connect to any external source either! I'm not sure why, and I've not (yet) had a similar problem with any other internet-accessing application...

Solved: it appears Norton Anti-Virus was blocking it via its 'Advanced Protection'. I don't know if you can submit MP3Tag to Norton to be automatically excluded from being blocked or not -- but for the time being disabling the AP lets MP3Tag do it's job!

Thank you for your time!