Cannot edit export configurations

When I first tried to edit an export configuration I was asked which default app to use to open .mte files. I specified mp3tag and now I am unable to edit the configurations. I then found that there is another thread which suggests that you should use Notepad as the default app. However, when I go to change the default app in the Windows settings I only get the options to use mp3tag or find another app in the Windows app store which gives me no other options whatsoever. Can anyone suggest how I can get the association changed?


Have you tried to right-click on a .mte file and select "Open with"? From there you should be able to select a new app and tick "always use this app" or similar.

Thanks @vilsen. At first I could not find the .mte files so I tried to change the associations though the settings which could not be done. After your suggestion, I realized I was searching in the wrong folders and finally found them in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Mp3tag\export folder and your suggestion worked.

Thanks Again.