cannot edit in list view


I am not new to MP3tag. Until now I was able to edit tags in my .flac files by typing in list view.
I haven't used Mp3tag for some time, so I updated to 2.66.
I can edit all tags via the tag-panel or by actions, but not in list view.
When i change a tag in list view, it reverts to the old value on enter.

Have I missed something? Any suggestions?

Greetings, Hans Scholte

I did some tests with old reformatting actions.
Just now everything works as it always did.
Same folder, same files. I really must have missed something.

A bewildered Hans Scholte Greets you.

You could check Tools>Options>Tags
which behaviour you have chosen for
"Navigating with mouse/cursor saves"
(my translation)

And if that does not help: rename the mp3tag.cfg files and see if the behaviour is now back to normal. Sometimes an invalid configuration leads to hickups.
(If this was not the cause, you may rename back the old file).

Thank you Ohrenkino.

Yes you are right, there must be something wrong in the config file.
This morning the original problem was back.
I will start reconfiguring Mp3tag.

Thanks again for a speedy reply.

Hans Scholte