Cannot Edit Length Tag

I have gone into extended tags and tried to change the length on my audios, it shows the change in extended tags, but does not show on the actual file or in the main window.

Is there a way to change the length...the current tags do not match the actual audio length.



If you want to change the physical length of an audio file, then use an audio editor.

If you want to edit the Mp3tag system variables %_length% or %_length_seconds%, then this is not possible, because they are read only pseudo tag fields.

Mp3tag don't use or support the tag field LENGTH as far as I know.

If you see the tag field LENGTH in the extended tag view dialog, then go to investigate what application is responsible for the possible faulty value and think over what to do next.

You can try to repair those broken files using the foobar2000 application utilities "Fix VBR Header" and "Rebuild MP3 Stream".


I know that at CDex issues a length tag which appears in the extended tags view.
To my experience this tag can be deleted without any negative side effects.
But you are right that an integrity check of the file is usually a good idea. E.g. the files created by CDex not only have a superfluous length tag they ususally are reported as worth repairing after such a check.
So any kind of length tag should be the trigger for further investigations.

Great tip...I used the foobar2000 application utilities "Fix VBR Header" and "Rebuild MP3 Stream" that you suggested. With a couple clicks, voila, I am stylin' again...thanks for the help!!