Cannot edit mp3 tag information


I'm at a loss. If I use mp3tag, I can see all the mp3 tag information, title, track album etc, but when I using windows explorer, I cannot see any of the information, only the filenames, this is also the case in media centre, winamp, media player.

This is only happening on certain mp3's. I have tried copying them to another folder, but still the same. I have full access to the files, and they are not read only.

Has anyone had this, and how can I sort the problem out.

Thanks in advance


It's possible that your files contain APEv2 tags instead of ID3v2 tags. Please follow these steps

  1. enable reading and writing of APEv2 and ID3v2.3 at Options > Tags > Mpeg
  2. save the tags of the files again
  3. enable removing of APEv2 only at Options > Tags > Mpeg
  4. remove the APEv2 tag by pressing :mt_delete:
Hope that helps!

Kind regards,