cannot edit tags for certain files

Hey guys, ill be short and to the point. originally i thought this was an issue with tagscanner (which is what i normally use). now, i think there are issues with my files. i can change the tags in tagscanner, but it only changes the tags for certain media players (like wmp, but not mediamonkey). when i save the files in mp3tag, it says "saved tags in xx of xx files", but nothing actually changes. the tag type i am changing is id3v2.3@utf16.

here's my original thread on a different forum:;#entry819941

does this mean the tags in these particular files are corrupt? i can provide a sample file if necessary.

See the column for 'Tag' in Mp3tag? In the screenshot it shows "ID3v2.3 (ID3v1 ID3v2.3 APEv2)", which means that Mp3tag is reading and displaying the ID3v2.3 tag, but that there is also an ID3v1 tag and an APEv2 tag present in the file.

What's most likely happening is that the tags are being edited successfully by Mp3tag, but your application is getting confused by the multiple tag types.

What is contained in the APEv2 tag?

Do you need ID3v1 tags?

I would remove both, unless they're absolutely necessary. There are also options in Mp3tag telling it which tags to read and write. You can try changing them, but there's no reason to maintain tags that are unnecessary.

Furthermore, unless you have some fairly unusual requirements, like Chinese, Greek or Russian characters, using ISO-8859-1 encoding for your ID3v2.3 tags is a lot safer and more compatible with most applications.

KISS (keep it simple)

Well, I just tried that and i think its more complicated than that. i removed all tags from one of the files and everything is blank. now when i try to save new tag information to it, it says succeeded! and does nothing.

Please explain 'does nothing' more fully.

Under Tools > Options > Tags > Mpeg, what do you have set for Read, Write and Remove?

Try tagging some files with only ID3v2.3 tags and reimporting them into MediaMonkey. In the options, set Write to write only ID3v2.3, and Remove to remove both ID3v1 and APE.

omg you were right, im an idiot and was messing around with those settings earlier to figure out what was going on. so yeah i wasnt writing anything. thanks for pointing that out.

Let us know what works.

Some applications will give precedence to APE tags over ID3. Meaning that if both tags are present, it may read only the APE tag and not the ID3v2 tag. Mp3tag itself will do so if you configure it to read both APE and ID3 tags. If you had previously configured Mp3tag to not write APE tags, then that could explain the MediaMonkey problem. You would have only been updating the ID3v2.3 (and possibly the ID3v1) tag and the APE tag would have gone unchanged.

That's why I say that if you don't need the others, just work with ID3v2.3 tags and avoid the potential confusion. UTF-16 probably works fine with MediaMonkey, but if you want to switch to ISO-8859-1 all you need to do is re-save in Mp3tag.