Cannot Edit Tags such as Track, Artist, AlbumArtist in Window7 MP3Tag v2.87a


If one needs to manually change Track Number, Album Artist for example on Windows7 Ultimate with 2.87a version of MP3Tag, they cannot do so.

It would appear that any field shown in the left window with the exception of Track Title is not editable in the right-hand List view.

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The actual title should be cannot edit Columns. The tags are modified just fine.

Could you check which tag versions you have in the tracks (esp. if there are any APE tags), which tags you read, write and delete? (See Tools>Options>Tags>Mpeg)
Just as a shot in the dark: you have ID3V2 tags and APE tags which are out of sync.

TAGS colum shows 'FLAC' and the TAGS_READ shows as 'FLAC' only.

As stated in my reply, the issue is not with actually writing or reading tags, it is with regard to having the ability to manually Edit the Track, Artist, or Album Artist in the List view on the right hand side. For example, if you click a Track Title, the In-Place edit begins. Previous to 2.87a, I was able to In-Place Edit Track Number, Artist, and Album Artist. Since I installed 2.87a (installed in the non-registry portable mode).

While gathering additional information to reply as to which columns were affected, I have discovered what the issue is.

For the columns that are not editable, my column definitions were modified to not specify a value for 'field'.

For example, on Track I had.

Name: Track
Value: %track%

When I specify %track% for field, everything works as expected.

Name: Track
Value: %track%
Field: %track%

I have confirmed that all columns for which I am having problems, this is due to a missing field. I recently modified some column definitions I guess shortly after updating to 2.87a so my mistake.
Please close this one out and my apologies

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