Cannot export to Excel as "csv" file

Trying to export to Excel using "csv' but for some reason, I get an error message stating "File'C"\TEMP4\mp3tag.csv' cannot be opened for writing".
I've done this many times but have never received this message, as a matter of fact I just exported another folder as 'csv' and it worked fine. The first file contained around 850 entries where the file I'm trying to export contains about 2800. Could it be the number of files being exported? I've actually exported more than 2800 and never had a problem. The version of MP3Tag I'm using is 3.00.
Thanks in advance.

What about the access rights and ownership of the folder and file?
(It is sometimes not enough to be Administrator, you have to be owner.)
What happens if you delete and re-create the target folder.
And if all that does not help: what about the files for export? Are they ok?
(It is usually not enough that they play, they should be checked for integrity)

UPDATE: If I remember correctly prior to V 3.00 of MP3Tag, if you created a second 'csv' file the first file would be overwritten with the new 'csv' file. Found out that if you have a 'csv' file created the new 'csv' file will not overwrite the first, consequently the error message.
My own personal preference would have left the second file to overwrite the first however I can see someone wanting to keep each 'csv' file for whatever reason.

I doubt that MP3tag cannot overwrite files during export.
I bet it is the ownership and access rights that are in the way.

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