Cannot find this "Action"

I am convinced that somewhere in this Forum I found an Action which capitalised the first letter of the first word after any bracket ( { [.

For the life of me I cannot find it!

Anybody able to help me out?

You can specify the characters that separate words.
Use the action "Case conversion", see

Enter all the characters (including the space character) that should trigger an upper case letter.


Thanks o

Small supplementary here:
Can I successfully run more than 1 Action on files?
If "Yes" is there a restriction on the number of Actions which can be run simultaneously?

Yes ... but not all at the same time.
A good way would be:

Create an action group that contains all the actions that you need in the correct order. These will executed one after the other for one file and then the next file is treated by the action group.

You open the Actions>Actions dialoge where you have several action groups, move them into the correct order and tick their names for execution. OK then starts the action (groups).

The execution runs sequentially as sometimes one action needs the result of the predecessor. Also, it reduces the risk of blocked/locked files when they are treated by another action at the same time - which is not possible.


Thank you