Cannot Locate ALBUMARTIST when Converting Tag-Tag

I have been using Mp3Tag for three years and think it is a great tool that has allowed me to create a great collection of albums/tracks. I have several Albums in my collection that do not currently contain an Album Author. I have tried to use the Tag-Tag Converter tool but I cannot locate the ALBUMARTIST reference. I have unsuccessfully tried to create via the Options>Tags>Mapping tool with no success and have not found any reference to this "Challenge" in the support forums. Can you Help?
I am using version 3.18 on Windows 11.


Where? in the list box?
Try the arrow button next to the list and use "Reset list" - ALBUMARTIST should reappear in the dropdown list.
If ALBUMARTIST does not appear, then type it in.

Brilliant, That has worked. I'd never looked at what options are available from the arrow button
Thank you. "Problem" solved.

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