cannot locate profile folder for discogs source mod

Hello all at MP3TAG.

recently archived my vinyl collection and been using the software to tag my WAV files as this is one of the few that can do them well.

having trouble finding some LP's via album discogs album search so wished to install the pone mod to search via other fields.

I understand from the guide on the thread for the Pone mod I must place the files in a profile folder to intergrate it with MP3TAG however it just won't show!

currently on a windows 10 build that I took the free upgrade option for, and was originally on windows 7.

I have enabled the option to view hidden files and had no joy,
have I missed something very obvious?

I have attached a screencap showing what I believe was the file path listed for profile folder to confirm i'm not being silly here.

Best regards

Place them Under c:\Users<Your UserName>\AppData\Roaming\Mp3tag\data\Sources\ and check what happens

Also see
for folder locations.

Instead of typing this long folder-string or alternatively enable to see hidden files you can also just type %appdata% in the folder-line of the windows-explorer.