Just installed a script and it's not showing up under Tag Sources

I just installed script "&discogs#Search by Artist + &Title.src", under the proper folder, closed mp3tag, reopened, and nothing, it doesn't show under Tag Sources.

What else is missing?

see e.g. this thread:

This is not the issue. I placed the scripts under %APPDATA%\Mp3tag\data\sources.

I see the 3 scripts that Mp3Tag loads by default in there. But the new one it's not loading.

If you look closely at the linked thread then there is a link to another thread that shows some more locations where the scripts could be sought.

Extremely confusing and hard to find.
I will wait for a better tip. Thanks

You mean, you are not able to follow the ideas in this HowTo?

Where in the world is that post talking about location of src scripts? It's totally unrelated to my issue, so I didn't bother. Feel free to prove me wrong if you can.
That is useless for the issue I'm dealing with.

Now, I've tried to go down a level, and place the script in there, it didn't work either.

Still no luck, even after installing the newest version and rebooting.

If someone has an idea what is causing this, let me know. It's extremely frustrating, one would think you just place the scripts in the folder and they are automatically loaded under the menu, but nope, not at all.

The link is in this post:

And it links to the same page that I linked again in

The mentioned folders are those where MP3tag looks for data.
Nobody except you knows what you did on your computer so you would have to test it in all the mentioned folders.

One idea that's not directly mentioned yet is a portable installation.

If you're using the Standard Installation, Mp3tag uses %APPDATA%\Mp3tag\data\sources\ as directory to look for Tag Sources. In post #3 you've mentioned, that you've copied the files there.

If you're using the Portable Installation, Mp3tag uses its program folder, e.g., C:\PortableApps\Mp3tag\data\sources\ as directory to look for Tag Sources.

You're using a portable installation if there is a mp3tag.cfg file next to the Mp3tag program executable Mp3tag.exe.

A side note: the script you've mentioned above looks like its from the pone mod of Discogs scripts. You can try it, but it's most likely not working and not supported (as all other scripts under #development:broken-web-sources).

Thanks, I think I understand now what has happened.
I got the right location, but since the scripts were out of date, they were not showing up as they should.

I placed a fixed script in there and it shows up, but it's not the script I wanted.

I want the script that searches Discogs based on artist+title, could you please point me out to the current version of that one?
Thanks a lot

Thanks for trying. I realized the cause of the issue after a while, accidentally.
There a fixed script from 2016 and that one shows up.

It all boils down to the fact that if you place and outdated script in the scripts folder, it doesn't load.

Now the big question I have is, where are the current scripts that search tags in Discogs, based on artist+title?

I need to fix the year tags of a lot of old rare house music from the 80s and 90s, and Discogs usually have those songs.

I doubt that this was the cause.
How should MP3tag tell that a script is out of date?
I think that there are Musicbrainz scripts that look for artist and title only.

There goes the genius again.

Your replies weren't useful then, and they aren't useful now.

The script that loads correctly is on a page where a lot of users were thanking the guy who apparently fixed the old scripts that were not loading for me (last post is from 2016, 3 years ago). That should be more than a good indication that there is some problem with the old scripts (plus Florian's post above).

However, he only posted one, whereas the old package had lots of scripts.

You can complain as much as you want.
The "broken" web sources lead to no useful search results any more. That is the problem.
That what you see in the web sources menu is a list of filenames with the extension "src" from the folder data>sources.
MP3tag does not evaluate any code on load.
You can even put an empty file into that folder and save it with the extension "src" and you will see it in the web sources menu.
So, to sum it up: your idea with the

is voodoo.

You can see this post

which describes which reaction you can expect from an outdated web source script.
So if you really want to get down to the source of the problems on your pc it would be a better strategy to recall the way you installed your MP3tag and where it therefore expects the files.