Cannot Open Certain Files In A Directory

Hello all. I have been using mp3tag for years. I just migrated my files to a new computer (Windows 10) and I am having a problem where mp3tag cannot open certain .flac files, seemingly at random, from a directory of .flac files that it can otherwise open. It is as if mp3tag thinks they are not .flac files -- like what happens when you select a directory to open all files, and mp3tag ignores the .txt and .jpg files in the folder. It seems to be ignoring these .flac files the same way.

This is NOT the usual "file cannot be opened for writing" problem. There is no error message and the problem is not when trying to write tags to the file. The problem is that the file cannot be made to appear in mp3tag at all! But it is similar to this post, starting the third message down: [X] WAV file cannot be opened for writing (That issue involved malformed id3 tags.)

Briefly: I have a large # of directories of live audio, like Grateful Dead filesets from These circulate widely and are properly formatted by people who know what they are doing. These files are not corrupt. They can be verified by .md5 checksum, and I can play them in various audio players, etc. The tagging might be weird, but it should be consistent and not vary from file to file except track #, disc # and title.

If I use CTRL-D in mp3tag to open a folder to tag or re-tag the files, some times 25% or 50% of the .flac files will not appear in mp3tag at all. If I right click in Windows Explorer and select one of these files that won't appear, mp3tag still opens, but the file is not present. If I select multiple files, the ones that are OK will be opened for editing, but the others do not appear. If I open a directory and, say, change the artist name and save the changes, then I can see clearly in Windows Explorer which files were edited and which were not: the ones with no artist name are the problem.

I can use other programs to write tags, and once I do, then mp3tag is able to see the files. For example, I use foobar2000 to automate tagging, and it has zero problem with these files. Once foobar writes tags to the files, then mp3tag can manage them without incident.

The ownership and file security on these files is identical, at least by visual comparison. Not only that, but when I built my new computer last week and moved the drive to the new machine, I had to take ownership of every file and set security, and push that all down by inheritance, so I have every confidence that ownership is consistent across the files. It might be all wrong, but it is consistent.

Any thoughts would be most welcome. Thanks.

Do you have the Filter enabled? You can toggle it via F3 to see if it makes the files reappear.

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Thank you. I have no idea how the filter got turned on or why it had a single letter 's' in it. I've never used it before. It didn't even occur to me to look for such a feature. Sigh.

I'm now looking at the directory where I'd been working. 6000 tracks with every 3rd one untagged. Double sigh. But at least I can see them to fix them.


You can filter the ones that have the missing tags :slight_smile: