Cannot place _FOLDERPATH in the panel

In Inserting Track Length on the Tag Panel Ohrenkino stated that the folder path was the only tag preceded with a "_" that could be displayed in the tag panel. I experimented with this and had no problem adding "_Directory" to the tag panel, but when I tried "_FOLDERPATH" the panel will not list anything. Any ideas why?

Same reason as for _LENGTH.
There is a special field for the display of the las loaded directory in the tag panel. And if you have already selected that, then that's it.
The general rule stays valid: no fields starting with an underscore can be added to the tag panel.

I totally understand that, and that is why I actually went back to that post, because I had a faint memory of you informing me of this (And I finally closed the topic :blush:).

But then I saw I had a Directory entry which was unclicked. I activated it and it displays the information held in "_Directory". Why can the tag panel display this?

In the end, it would be great to be able to display this type of information in the tag panel, even if they cannot be changed, perhaps greyed out. It helps to be able to view everything in one place in a format you can customize. Yes you can do this with columns but sometimes things are easier to see in the panel. I am going to continue thinking about this and perhaps request it as a feature in the future.

A "Why" question always leads to some kind of justification discussion. The point is: that's the way it is. You will find that the "Directory" field will not actually change the directory for the selected file but load the folder that is specified by the path in this field.
So this field does not really refer to the property _DIRECTORY

I was trying to understand the reasoning for allowing the information. Its semantics. There must be a reason why it was allowed. I am just trying to understand if it was to perform a certain function, serve a purpose or perform a certain utility. I not trying to get a justification. Please understand my intent, I am not making value judgements, I am trying to get explanation.

Anyhow, I did some experimenting and when I changed the value of _Directory on the tag panel, all my files now showed that value, "lets see" under directory. I then noticed it was a pull down and when I pulled down to one directory, all of a sudden all my files disappeared except those in that directory. Does this not mean that it is referring to the property _DIRECTORY?

It seems like it is performing the function of the adding and changing the directory. This may be the reason why it is allowed in the tag panel, but I still don't understand what happened when I inputted "lets see" into the panel.

Either way, I will just remove the field. I think I will put in that feature request. Thank you for your help. It is appreciated.

It may be a little puzzling that the field is called "Directory" but does not refer to _DIRECTORY.
As you found out: it changes the folder and loads the files from the named directory.
This is sometimes quite handy if you switch between several folders.
Or you can copy & paste a complete path without the need to drag&drop.
This, BTW, is also described in the docs:

" The special field name _DIRECTORY is used to add a directory field, _SEPARATOR to add a separator that creates a new row."

Thank you! I was puzzled! :blush: I can see how this could be useful.

I appreciate the link as well. More to learn!!!

And now, after doing more searching I FINALLY realized that the tag panel could be vertical!!! :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:

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