Cannot re-write filenames if in an iCloud folder

I am in the process of digitising a lot of 12" vinyl records. I am saving the audio files to iCloud drives so that I can edit audio on a laptop separately from the room where the turntables are.

I gather that there is some permission issue with folders as I have seen a prompt to allow permission for MP3Tag to write to a folder, but this does not seem to work on iCloud folders.

If I drag files into MP3Tag or if I Open from MP3Tag, I get the following alert for all files if I try to rename files:

It is not clear how I provide permission to the folder, based on that alert.

My workarounds to temporarily move all files I want to rename to a folder that is NOT an iCloud folder, apply the file renames, then move back. I would like to avoid this though.

Can someone tell me the steps that I need to undertake to apply the permission? Or if this is a limitation of using iCloud folders, please let me know and I'll have to have a rethink about my process/workflow.


You would need to open the parent folder of the files for Mp3tag to get permission to rename them.

Ah, gotcha. So just drag the parent folder in to MP3Tag and then we're all good. That was much simpler than I thought. :+1:

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