Cannot read or write in Windows 7 explorer

Usually when I click on a mp3 file it will show all the informations about that file in the bottom of the folder and I can edit them, like album, contributing artists, and track number. But recently when I clicked on them there are no tags for me to view. I have k-lite codec pack 10.4 installed.


Check if you have (accidently) written V2.4 tags - WE cannot deal with this version. Save them as V2.3 tags (See Tools>Options>Mpeg for that).
Copy and save the tags with the functions of the file list context menu in MP3tag.

Is this right?

Yes, this should write V2.3 tags.
You could filter for files if you enter
%_tag% HAS 2.4

I put those in the filter and no files came up, I already saved the tags for all my mp3 files and it's still the same.

I hope, you do realize that this looks a lot like a problem of your local settings and has nothing to dowith the mp3 tagging process. Windows Explorer is no tagging program, Mp3tag is - and as that works fine, why bother about WE?
Anyway: check if you are the owner of those files - "Administrators" does not look right to me.
Did you import that folder from an old XP installation? Then you should claim ownership again.
See this thread for a Microsoft support page on changing the owner.
mp3tag on windows 7

The folder was not import from XP, it was windows 7 all the way.
I checked, I am the owner of those files. I just don't know what went wrong.

Your problem looks to me if something corrupted parts of your windows-system.
I think a repair with sfc /scannow would be a good idea.

I ran the scan and nothing wrong.

Perhaps this one: you can set the "layout" for folders when you have a look at the properties (still, that does not explain why the properties dialogue of a file does not show the tag).

Or try the freeware "mp3val" and check the files ...

Or to put it yet another way: if your tags are allright, they have the right version and the filesystem is ok then everything should be fine. So be thorough about these checks.