Cannot replace double back slashes ( \\ ) using simple Replace action

I tried a simple replace where I was trying to replace a " \\ " with ", " but the action does nothing. I assume this has to do with \\ signalling separate fields. Is there a way to get around this? I thought I had replaced " \\ " before, but I cannot find anything in my notes.

Perhaps the use of the search function in this forum would have been beneficial:

I did try to search but I must have not used the right terms. Thank you for your help in finding this!

I can't remember where I found the solution in other discussions, so here is what I use. I also like to see all of the list values with a semi colon between them. I created one action for for Style and one for Composer, so get into Actions (Action Groups) and click on the Star icon (New function):

Name: (whatever you like, I used Composer Semicolon)
Select Action Type: Merge duplicate fields
Seperator: ;

Name: (whatever you like, I used Style Semicolon)
Select Action Type: Merge duplicate fields
Field: STYLE
Seperator: ;

After you create the actions, select all tracks and run the action. Doesn't seem to hurt if there is only one value in the field. You could probably combine both into one function, if you want to get fancy.


Thanks! I appreciate your input. That runs along the lines of the suggestion in the thread ohrenkino posted. Welcome back to the forum!

thank you. I was about to start another thread with this same question but this solves my issue. If it's such a common problem maybe someone should address it with a fix in the program. I for one find "merge duplicate fields" to be the wrong description. Duplicate would be the same contents. What we are dealing with is just multiple fields that have different contents. I would advocate just letting the user specify %artist2% for the second artist field in the converter utility. The data is currently inaccessible, its just "there" in the extended tags.

This is dependent on the player and library management software, some can access multiple fields, many cannot.

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