Cannot replace ( ) or [ ]

So as the title says, for some reason the replace function in 2.48 doesn't recognise [ ] or ( ) and I want them out of my id tags, it was like this after every title: (2011) [website], so I copied the whole part and it only removed the website word and 2011 and the annoying characters remained, I don't remember having this problem in earlier versions of this program, or is it just because I am now on Windows 7 64bit instead of XP?

Any solution would be appreciated!

Which "replace" function to you use: "normal" or "with regular expression"?
the brackets have special meanings in regular expressions.

I'm using the normal one, also tried to use "" around the characters in the "original" field but that didn't help either.

Anyway for some weird reason it solved itself.. when I started my computer again this evening and tried doing exactly the same, it now recognised everything and removed it, very weird..