Cannot set cover type for third cover image

Problem. Whenever I add third cover image file and want it to be anything other than Front, the file ends up with two Front covers after applying & reload. Nothing helps to mark that third image as Media, for example. Added cover image continues to show up as a Front Cover in editing window afterwards.

Current solution. Manually setting Media type with hex-editor solves the problem — CD cover shows up in media player.

Version. Both 2.46a and 2.46c-dev versions are affected.

Can't confirm with Mp3 and ID3v2 tags.
You hit Ctrl+S after changing the cover type?

I'm editing WavPack file. And I just noticed it's APEv2, not ID3v2 tag.

I hit OK in extended tag editor dialog and it says new tag information has been saved.

By the way, opened “corrected” hex-edited file in mp3tag now and decided to check that extended tag editor dialog again. Now it shows only two covers (Front and Back) and ignores my “corrected” CD cover. No such problem in foobar2000, all covers gracefully show up :slight_smile:

It's always useful to mention the audio format you're working with :slight_smile:

IIRC that APEv2 cover specification only allows front and back covers, don't know if it's alright to extend that.

Well, you didn't provide any URL for such standard and the thing is that mp3tag actually writes additional cover in file resulting in three embedded images — isn't it an extension already? It brings some confusion and makes that third cover an orphan.

Anyway, here's a thread (where Florian also did post):

I didn't find there any specification for images and for how many there may be of them (point me directly if I'm wrong). It just states that APEv2 specification is capable of storing virtually anything in binary tags:

Note that this quote is from 2006. And the last sentence suggests me that there's just no standard for naming. But it's not restricted either.

Thus, summing it up, it still appears to be a small issue of mp3tag. It restricts cover tags to be either Cover Art (Front).jpg or Cover Art (Back).jpg while it seems there's no reason for such restriction and things like Cover Art (Media).jpg, Cover Art (Band).jpg, etc. should be allowed. And it seems working foobar2000 behavior proves it. Again, correct me if I missed something.

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