Cannot set media type of mp4 file by ITUNESMEDIATYPE filed

I am using Mp3tag v2.49
I tried to set the media type of mp4 file by using the ITUNESMEDIATYPE field.
But the field always become unknown after save and stik atom of resulting file is always 0.

Did you follow this instruction?



I have been using mp3tag to set itunesmediatype for a while now, but on my latest playlist it's not being picked up by itunes.

I'm using mp3tag v2.83 and itunes, I generally download BBC podcasts but some are saved streams, so i have a combination of media types that I generally set to Normal and it works.

Unfortunately on my latest playlist (627 files) only 584 files are being picked up as music files by itunes, looking at them in mp3tag podcast tag is blank and itunesmediatype is normal.

What can I do to fix?

Where do you see the problem? In iTunes? The problem that data from iTunes is not saved in the files? Or that the iTunes library does not see the changes?
Or that you set tags in MP3tag but somehow the data disappears when you open the files again?

The problem is in iTunes, If I change Podcast tag I can either get 584 podcasts or 584 music files appearing in iTunes, the other 41 files don't appear.

I can't see any obvious differences in the files/tags. The mp3 files appear to be good.

Honestly, I don't know.
I think I have seen something like that for iTunesU, the educational podcasts.
I just noticed that for these MP4s the year contains the RELEASETIME and the fields for TVEPISODE and TVSEASON are set to 0

Please see attachments, the 20170329 file appears in iTunes, the 20170331 one does not.

Year tag contains 2017

The others mentioned above are all blank (on both example files)

Just ran them both through mp3diags and no issues

Does mp3diags support mp4-files?

Not sure, these are both mp3 files

There was an odd character in some of them, removing this has made those files appear in itunes. But there are still quite a few that won't appear, e.g. (from the playlist):

#EXTINF:1590,BBC World Service - Being Bisexual
20170801_The Documentary_Being Bisexual.m4a
#EXTINF:1380,BBC World Service - Mother of deceased 'IS' fighter - Nicola Benyahia
#EXTINF:1590,BBC World Service - Hadraawi The Somali Shakespeare
20170802_The Documentary_Hadraawi The Somali Shakespeare.m4a

the extension m4a looks a lot like mp4 files. I tried to load those into Mp3diags and it did not work. So perhaps the impression that the files are OK is misleading.

OK, the two I checked were both mp3s, these were fixed by renaming. I'll see if I can check these mp4s somehow.


The files play fine in foobar

I am a little lost now as to where we stand:
The original problem was that you had files with the properties set for ITUNESMEDIATYPE and PODCAST.
But some of these files do not show up in iTunes, apparently in an automatic playlist.

Even though the thread asks about MP4 files, some of the troubled files are MP3?!
The M4a files that iTunes does not show, play fine in foobar?

Is that it?

If so:
WHat happens, if you delete the fields for ITUNESMEDIATYPE and PODCAST in the troubled files and update the information in iTunes?
How do you update the information in iTunes?
What happens, if you force iTunes to play the files that play fine in foobar? Do they appear in iTunes?
If these are audio files, would it be an option to trancode them to mp3?

Yes, that is it. In iTunes if I delete podcast tag then the files show as music, if I set Podcast tag then they show up as podcasts.

I was thinking of transcoding but then tried sync via MediaMonkey which worked!