Cannot use RMC for Context menu anymore?

Hi Florian,
I've been using this for years and never really had any issues, but when I installed the last update I lost RMC Context menu, it is always checked on install but today it is gone.
I have just installed the RC version and it's the same, so I uninstalled using Revo and deleted all my config files too.
I had a version from June which I know was working perfectly last weekend as I tagged some albums and Audio Books, but even that has not added my context menu back :frowning:
I have removed it again, and ran the installer, then the program as Admin to see if that fixed it, but again, still no context menu shows up when I RMC on a folder.
I have run an RMC modifier and MP3TAG is not showing up at all.
I am running Win11 Pro (22H2), have you had any issues with this? I did search the forum but did not see anything related to this issue.
Thanks for any help you can offer :slight_smile:

I found e.g. this thread:

More potential solutions here too.

This is happening sometimes on Windows 11 for reasons which I still trying to find out.

What might help in those cases and when the classic context menu is preferred, is to manually register the shell extension from a command prompt with admin rights:

cd <path to Mp3tag installation>
regsvr32 Mp3tagShell.dll
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Thanks Florian, that fixed it - I've made a .bat file that can be run as Admin, it uses the default install path for x64 version - I hope it can help others :slight_smile:

MP3 TAG Context Menu (245 Bytes)

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