Newest Mp3tag not visible in context menu Windows 11

Hi All,
I download the newest version, install it, but it is'nt visible in the context menu of Win11.
So I install an older version of mp3tag, V2.76 and it is visible in the context menu if I right clic on a mp.3 file.
I have this problem now with all the newest versions from 3.22


Did you have a look at this thread?

(one of the many that pop up with the search words "context menu 11")

Reading it, but I don't understand this with cd command. Sorry, I keep with a old version.

Then the easies way would be:

save the configuration,
unistall the current version really thoroughly incl. all traces in folders and the registry,
install the new version.
Restore the configuration.

I did with Revo Uninstall, install the new version, but did'nt work. Strange is, that the old version of mp3tag is a 32bits,but Win11H2 is a 64bit..... But the old one works.

The bits of the OS are not really important.
But you can't install a 64-bit version of MP3tag over a 32-bit version. You have to save the configuration first, uninstall the 32-bit version, then install the 64-bit version.
I am not sure what this third party uninstaller does.
But a good wa would be:
if the old version still works, then do all the steps incl. saving the configuration to uninstall that version with the means of the MP3tag uninstaller.

You could then check if there are any remains of even older MP3tag installations or installations in a different mode (standard vs. portable).
Once you have cleaned the system from all previous MP3tag version (with the exception of the saved configuration data), install the new version from scratch.
Unpack the configuration data while MP3tag is not running to the then valid MP3tag data folder.

Any further investigations like what might have gone wrong where and how will take much more time than a new installation in a clean system.

... that the old version is still working may be correct at the moment. But as far as I understood it, the most popular web source scripts have undergone a number of changes that need the latest MP3tag version.

I only tag loose mp 3 files, say single files. Not any scripts etc. My knowledge about scripts is very, very low and I don't understand these thinks. Too difficult for me.
This is what I use:

%artist% - %title% %year%
That's it.


Of course, that decision is completely up to you.
My thoughts about staying with an old version: I still think that the need to update might occur some day. And that would probably be easier in a cleaned up system.
Right now, you have an outline of the basic steps right here and you would not have to post again if you get stuck because you run still the old version in a setup that might cause problems.
But as I said: further steps if any is something that you have to carry out locally anyway.