Cannot write configuration file - question

When I open mp3tag as a user (not admin), and then close it, I get the message "Cannot write configuration file."

Since I am a user I would not want the conf file to be written. I would only want this when I open mp3tag as an admin.

When I open and close as admin, I don't get this message.

I have recently changed to a new PC with Win11, from an older PC with Win 10. I used the config file from the old PC and used it on the new Win11 one, and since then I get this message every time I use mp3tag.

Is there something I need to do to fix this, please.

You have to check the owner of file - and modify the owner so that it works on your new pc.
The idea to avoid MP3tag to write its own configuration file seems a little strange to me as this something program internal and you don't know what you mess up when you prohibit it by access rights.

You've probably restored the configuration to the program directory C:\Program Files... and not to the configuration directory C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Mp3tag or installed Mp3tag as portable version.

So to verify this, you'd use Help → About... to check if Mp3tag is installed as Portable version. If so, remove the file mp3tag.cfg from the program folder. You can keep a copy elsewhere for backup purposes or restore your previous backup to the configuration directory.

Hi Florian,

Thank you very much for your prompt reply.

As you suspected I had installed this as a Portable version. Not sure why I did that.

Anyway, I moved the mp3tag.cfg from the program folder to Roaming/Mp3tag and I no longer get this message.

Thank you for advising me how to fix this. Really appreciate it.

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