"Cannot write tags to file.." error message

Hello, first time user in Trial mode here. I'm trying to fix tags for mostly WAV audio files, and get the error message Cannot write tags to file "01 - Violin Concerto No. 3 in E major, MS 50- Revised by Henryk Szeryng.WAV" in folder "Paganini- Violin Concertos 3 & 6". The file is in a folder on the desktop and is not being used. I get the same message for all tracks on the record. Any thought how to fix this? Thank you

Usually this is due to some kind of corruption in the file itself.

You could try verifying their integrity using foobar2000. Just load the files and select them via Cmd+A. Then from the right-click context menu choose Utilities → Verify integrity and see if the report gives some interesting output.

Thank you for the fast reply. Foobar verified all files as OK. They all play fine too. Any other thoughts? Happy to share a file (if you tell me how). Thanks.

OK, thanks for checking.

You can send me one of the files either via iCloud or some service like WeTransfer. Please send the link privately via personal message here on the forums or Help → Send Feedback from Mp3tag.

Just sent a link to you via email. Hope that's viewable. Thanks!

Thanks for the example file!

I've analyzed the file and it has additional invalid junk data at the end of the file.

I usually ignore additional invalid data that is simply null bytes, but in this case it looks like leftovers from a different tagging operation. I tend to go the safe route there and refrain from writing those files, where the structure doesn't match the specification — just to not make things even worse.

Can you give any indication about the original source of the files or if you edited them with a different program?

Florian, Thanks for looking at that file. It was ripped as WAV from CD by a Naim HDX, and I tried changing tags using Tag Editor and I might have also tried doing something in MusicBrainz Picard. I can't exactly recall what was done but, yes, you are right it was probably messed with by another program. I'll trash the files, rerip the CD and try again. I'll let you know how I get on. Many thanks!!

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I have noticed (on MacOS, using a fileserver over SMB) that if I drag and drop files onto Mp3tag and edit their tags I often (always?) get this error message. If I instead drag and drop a folder containing the files I want to edit, Mp3tag saves the files without errors. I basically only work with folders so it's not a big problem for me.

This may be because of the SMB local network (file permissions or so) so it is perhaps not applicable in this case. But the error message is the same.

This is a different case than the issue described in the original topic.

If you drop only files, Mp3tag gets secure sandbox access to exactly those files. However, renaming or rewriting (which often involves a temporary file) requires also secure access to the parent folder. This is automatically granted if you drop the folder instead.

Yes, please keep me posted! I'd love to know if the files are editable after ripping (maybe even keep a copy of the original "fresh" files).

Yup, ripped WAV files are indeed editable by mp3tag, and the new tags recognized by the Naim n-serve app that controls the Naim HDX server. Guess I just got unlucky by trying on a corrupt file first time! Thanks Florian- impressive service and follow through by you!

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Excellent, thank you! Happy it's working now and thanks for checking again!

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