Cannot write to newly bought files from Qobuz

Hi Florian. I am using your program after every download I receive. Recently I started to buy and download albums from Qobuz. There is never ID3 (or FLAV c.q. WAV) info available in the files. For some unknown reason I cannot write info directly into the files with Mp3TAG. Writing is prohibited although the file seems not to be write protected (attribute says a). But when I load the files into Foobar2000 and write one item in the info it can be applied problemless. After that I can complete writing info with MP3Tag. Writing is then possible. Foobar probably resets something in the files. Maybe something to look into for MP3Tag? Kind regards, @b.

Can you privately share one of the files (before you've touched the with foobar2000) so that I can try and reproduce the issue?

Of course Florian. Unfortunally I already deleted the dowload of today (without using the trashcan). But I suspect to buy another album soon. Shall I send then one track to you with WeTransfer or in this forum?

Kind regards, @b

Better directly to me, having the link publicly in the forums would most likely infringe someones copyrights.

Thank you!

Can you send me (by mail) a valid e-mailadres please tha I can use in WeTransfer? I only have the noreply adress.... :wink:

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I've checked the WAV file which had an invalid ID3v2 tag (it had invalid flag bits set in the ID3 header, which I consider quite serious).

You can remove the tag and then everything should work as expected.

I've also notified them via Twitter, maybe you can do the same via your user account with them

Thanks Florian, I will do that. Kind regards, @b

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