Can't access MusicBrainz, error 503

Started happening after upgrading to 2.86, not sure if it's unrelated or not...

I'm seeing the same error 503 when trying to access MusicBrainz. Version 2.86

Possibly related to this?

It's not related to v2.86, but something seems to have changed on the MusicBrainz servers.

I've asked on their forums — lets see.

Kind regards
— Florian

I've created a MusicBrainz tag source that is based on the current Version 2 of the MusicBrainz XML Web Service. The tag source that stopped working was still based on Version 1 (which is marked as deprecated).

You can try it via this preview version, feedback is much appreciated.

Kind regards
— Florian

Its working, but there are many tagfields missing, either in the search results as after selecting (like country, format etc..)... It will also be superb if you can edit the search that you can search for the album and the artist at the same time, so that it only shows the correct releases you are searching for (like in dano's script).

I've been using Dano's scripts that are API v1 and also noticed this failing the other day. How hard is it to convert the scripts? I have also a Dano script that's v2 and works, but requires album MBID as the search term. The v1 scripts use album name or artist name so were more versatile. Maybe I should ask in the web source scripts forum?

scott s.

The MusicBrainz server has been fixed and everything should be back to normal now.

Kind regards
— Florian

Web Service ver 1.0 (ws/1) will be removed in 6 months!


Thanks, LyricsLover! The latest Development Build Mp3tag v2.86a already includes a MusicBrainz web source based on v2.